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How to become a better awper in CSGO

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The awp is considered the most powerful gun in the game even though you can’t run and shot with it like an SSG or rapidly fire in a long range like an auto sniper the AWP is known the most formidable gun in the game if someone masters it. The weapon can kill you in one bullet in any range except if you hit the enemy in the leg which is rare. So what are the things you should know in order to master the art of AWPING!

First, there are basics that you must know. Most of us become a fan using the AWP by watching clips and highlights by players such as kennyS, Guardian, Fallen and s1mple and if you think you are almost in their level there is no more point to continue reading this article. But as we continue the AWP is a very immobile gun which requires you to hit the target to compromise for its firepower. If you see these players using the AWP not following the basics that is because the years of practice and experience playing professional games and practicing on community maps and death matches.

You must hear of the words stop, scope, flick, and fire well this are the steps of being a better AWPER, as said above you cannot hit a guy if you are moving while firing. By moving the weapon becomes very inaccurate which allows you to hit the enemy in one in a million chance. And of course I think the word flick is very particular to you well do not get fooled by it, it may look very good if you land a shot flicking but it is not necessary to flick every shot. Use the basic first give your fullest effort to point your crosshair on the enemy before firing repeat it until you get faster and when the time comes you get very fast you will not even notice you start flicking even if it does not go into your mind. Also if you are an AWPER in the game it requires a lot of warm-ups for you to get your rhythm each day.

Do not just jump and go towards matchmaking without any practice even pro player warm-ups one to two hours before their matches, warming up also means you are practicing which means you are getting better every time you warm up so do not underestimate warming up. As you master the basics it will not be an assurance you will be that good every day, AWPING needs your body and mind to be in good condition also to allow your reaction time to become faster. If you are having a bad day because you cannot hit any of your shots well it happens to everyone, everyone gets a bad day so don’t get discouraged if you feel you are having a bad day try to rest and relax first before playing again.

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