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How to become a better CSGO player

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CSGO or counter-strike global offensive is one of the most popular competitive games today with tournament pot money reaching up to ten million dollars. CSGO is a game that evolves from the older version counter-strike 1.6 and as the community grows rapidly the game becomes even more competitive and harder. So what does it take to become a better CSGO player?

First and foremost is you have to practice, practice and practice. Nobody on this earth becomes pro overnight practice makes perfect. You have to play a lot lose a lot until you found your way to win. By practicing the game becomes natural and easier most of the pro players out there spend almost ten thousand hours of playing and still practices. It is an ever-evolving game so nobody gets it perfect.

Play deathmatch mode. By playing this mode you will not have to be worried on putting your rank on the line this will help you with your aim because the map will most likely to be played by 30 players killing each other. This is the best way to practice your aim and movement where you practice the different guns with the different and unique mechanics each and every gun have. And since every time you die you respawn in a short period of time, this will allow you to get more experience by playing non-stop gun fighting.

Download aim maps. There are a lot of aim maps in the workshop this method may seem to be old school and boring but it is one of the most efficient ways to hone your aim. Your aim is one of the most important factors on how you rank yourself as a player. If you aim badly most likely the enemy will kill you first. Play aim maps for at least 1 hour a day before starting to play competitively it will help your muscle memory and reflexes, in short, it helps you warm up before going into war.

Know and study the maps first. Playing competitive does not just mean an all-out gunfight you will have to use your utilities like your grenade, smokes, flashbangs and fire grenade. By studying the map not only you will have the advantage in using these utilities properly but you will also have the knowledge on how to position yourself with the right angle in order to have an advantage on gunfights.

Watch pro players play. You cannot learn it all on your own, watching pro players play is very helpful. By watching them play you also need to know and study why they do that every move they make has a reason. In this method, you can copy or learn from them and can be very advantageous to you especially when it comes to pressure moments. Based on experience watching pro games or pro streams give me a lot of knowledge in the game and as I am becoming a better player I never stop to watch them play and learn new things.

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