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How to become a better DOTA 2 player?

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DOTA 2 or defense of the ancient is the most popular competitive strategy game today. There are tournaments all over the world that could reach a prize pool of up to fifty million dollars. DOTA 2 is the later version of the game DOTA where the graphics and mechanics are improved drastically. By a bigger company backing it up, it is improving as the years go by that’s why a lot of money is in the game right now. Becoming a DOTA 2 pro player is very glamorous and if you get lucky to be one it will be easy money. But becoming one is not that easy there will be a lot of roadblocks in the way. If you aspire to become one well you are in the right place we will give you some tips in order to become a better DOTA 2 player.

First is do not rush things and start making better one step at a time. Meaning you have to be better first with one element of DOTA. If you rush things and try to learn all things all at once well good luck to you. First practice last hitting the creeps then push towers, know how to gank at the right time learn how to ward play the game again and again until you get familiar with this things. Focus on one of this during the game and until you master it.

Practice your heroes, there are more than fifty heroes in the game well it will take for about a year to master them all. Pick at least four basic heroes to master first every hero has a different mechanic different style different skills and different stats. Not just you master the hero you need also to know the enemy heroes as well in order to know what to avoid against them. If you master at least 4 heroes combine it with all the elements you mastered in the first tip and you are almost ready to go play rank games.

Study the game and study your game. It is good to watch how pro players play in order for you to learn techniques. It can give you an advantage from watching them play because in this way you can get ideas and can help you to improve. If you have time you can watch the replays of your game and watch you did bad and what you did well. By watching your replays you can make adjustments in the next game you play.

If you become a season player then you need to monitor the patches. The game changes every patch so you need to know every change made in each patch in order to adjust and make an advantage against other players. Every detail in this game can make a very big difference and that small detail can give you the advantage or disadvantage so it is better to study first the game before playing the new patch.

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