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How to become a better pistol player in CSGO

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One of the most important thing in CSGO in order to win a competitive match is to win the pistol rounds. As of the statistics shows odds of winning are better when you win both pistol rounds on each half. Or even force buys with deagles and cz’s can be very lethal if you able to convert this rounds. So what are you going to do in order to get this skills and become a better pistol player? Some player just has the mindset in every pistol rounds to aim and “click clickclick” on the enemy’s head and yes it is very satisfying to hear the crisp sound every time you hit a headshot. And yes practicing your aim time and time again can be very beneficiary to you but what else do you have to besides relying on your pure aim and skills? Here are some tips for you.

It is very important to win a pistol round because it can disrupt your opponents economy drastically which affects the flow of the entire game. As you see in the pro or even high level competitive games terrorist side tend to rush the CT’s whenever they are low in economy in such ways they will have the chance to get their enemy off guard or even though so having a chance to plant the bomb in a site which gives them a little bit of extra money in the following round compared to if they are unable to plant the bomb in that particular round. And as we talk about the economy, make sure to spend it wisely it is better if you know the economy pattern of the game to which you can monitor even your enemy’s economy which will help you avoid getting off-guard by the pistol rushes in the eco rounds. But also be wary of your decisions in buying things especially when you see your money reach up to five digits. The most of the player tends to buy useless stuff when they have this kind of money, buying pistols or rifles that does not really impact the game.

Even though your money reaches that much it can all be gone in an instant losing two or three consecutive rounds with you spending that much with items that are not necessarily needed. If you are a CT and has high economy make sure to but the right rifles grenades armor and Kevlar even though Kevlar is not really that needed in the CT’s because T’s will have AK’s on them which will grant one bullet kill if it hits the head but even though this Kevlar is very useful if they are on half buys such as pistol buys, also buying kit as a CT is very important. And if you are in the T side you will have an advantage economically because the guns are cheaper and the round bonus is higher especially when you manage to plant the bomb but be careful to not force buy every round.

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