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The new era of Esports Gaming

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There are a lot of people today who are into playing e-sports. In fact, it can be an alternative career for some. If you plan on becoming a good player in esports, not only does it take dedication, it will also require getting the best tools for the trade. Over the years, rivalry e-sports betting has become popular especially for casual fans. Now, the new era of esports gaming includes tight competition and even fun gameplay. Be sure to keep your keyboard clean just like you clean your guitar strings.

If you are serious about turning into a professional, here are some things that you might want to consider to do.

Full-time work

You have to understand that turning pro requires your full concentration. Unlike gamers that are only doing it for fun, they can get away with playing the game for 10 hours a week. However, if you want to be exceptionally good, then you would want to make sure that you are going to be dedicated to at least forty hours of gaming every week. This means that you will be playing for eight hours every day.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple proposition especially if you are an adult or if you already have school. For this reason, you will have to make sure that you have an alternative source of income. To make things more complicated, it won’t be as simple as finding a regular job.

Monetize your gaming

One of the best ways on how you can improve your ability to play while making some money on the side is to find a way to monetize your gaming habits. Twitch, for instance, is a great way to monetize your games. You can simply play and let the ads make money for you. And this isn’t the only way that you can earn from your games. If you are providing good and high-quality content, you can even ask viewers for donation or you can promote products in order to become an affiliate.

This can be a good way to still practice even if you don’t have a full-time job to sustain your basic everyday needs. For this reason, it is actually a good time to become a gamer. You just have to be patient regarding your progress as a gamer.

Another method that you can do in order to monetize your games is by joining competitions. With big sponsors, tournaments can provide thousands of dollars to its winners. But of course, keep in mind that the competition is also tight since it attracts the best in the business.

Getting the right gear

Investing in a new gaming rig is no easy task. You will need to invest in order to make sure that you are going to improve your game as an individual. You will have to find the money to invest in your very first gaming rig before anyone could actually take you seriously and start your journey as a gamer. But of course, just like anything, the first step is usually the hardest step to take.

Find a manager

Now, if you are going to play as a team, it makes a lot of sense that you find a manager who can give you the necessary funds as you practice every day. When it comes to finding a manager, you will have to be careful who you are selecting. You want someone who has the necessary connections. You want to make sure that he or she is someone who is also experienced in making the esports athletes popular within the niche.

Having a manager also makes it easier to find funding in order to compete in a large competition. And all of this is possible because of the connections of the manager.

Finding  a good team

In order to find yourself on the top of the industry, you will need a team who you can connect with and who could help you improve as an esports athlete. This isn’t something simple. Many esports athletes are operating alone that makes things difficult. And for this reason, it becomes imperative that you have a professional manager that can organize everything.

Once you have a team, you will need to be training with the team members and find a way to function as a unit. You will need to understand how each other thinks and find a strategy that works for everyone. And of course, chemistry is a hard thing to have especially among talented esports athletes. It takes time to develop trust and familiarity. Often times, a professionally assembled team find their way towards success because of the money involved in the game.

Compete in small and large competitions

In order to develop a familiarity with the other members of the team and in order to mature as an esports athlete, it is imperative that you join a competition. Win or lose, this should be a learning experience that can help develop your game. In most occasions, starting as a team can be quite complicated and difficult. You might even find it a bit chaotic. What you have to understand is that you should never be disheartened if you encounter losses especially during the first few competitions. You just have to keep on trying until you find the rhythm.

Learning from the mistakes

Learning from the mistakes is the hardest part if you really want to adapt to the new era of esports. You have to understand that there is tight competition not to mention many other factors involved that you will have to consider. This is the reality that every player has to face today. And often times, you simply just have to work harder and smarter in order to minimize losses and to get more wins.

Becoming an esports athlete can be a challenge. You will have to be dedicated and you have to understand the challenges ahead. Is it always rewarding? Playing with a team and looking for big wins may be a difficult task but you have to understand the rewards that are involved. Also, you don’t always have to work for a team. You can simply stream your games if you already have a good number of followers. This is now possible thanks to social media tools.

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