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What is Esport?

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Never heard of esport? Well if you are a video gamer you are considered to be on an esport. But there is a difference between playing casually and playing competitively and as of the early 2010’s the esport industry is rapidly blooming and more than fifty million people in the world are playing their own respective game where they have an aspiration to be a pro and earn from it but what is really an Esport and how can business go in with it?

An Esport is just like sport, just like basketball, soccer, boxing, swimming, tennis and all the sport you can think of, the only difference is esport is played electronically and yes you guessed it right E from Esport means electronic. Esport is something that teams of individuals compete with each other to reach their goals. Well, can you guess how much can you earn being a professional gamer? Let’s just say that statistics show that esport already produced more than six hundred million dollars and an audience up to two hundred million. It can only mean one thing being a professional means you earn a lot. Competitive tournaments today can reach a price pool about thirty million dollars well imagine if you luckily win one of those tournaments. The good news is it is still a baby industry, it has a lot of rooms to grow and believe me it is far from its maximum potential. Last year big television companies started to air esports and hopefully, in the near future, a television channel opens only dedicated to airing esport games. Just imagine how big can the esport industry be ten to twenty years from now so if you aspire to become a professional then start practicing as early as possible.

So what opportunity does it brings to small and big businesses?

Large companies are already investing in the industry which helps the industry to grow even faster so how can a small company make a profit out from it? One of the easiest and efficient ways is to find your way to become a partner of the team in other words you have to invest and become their sponsor. If you have the budget you can build your own team providing them with the facilities and utilities they need. By doing so you have to choose the right people, not just the players but the people who are in the back office doing the dirty jobs. Also upon choosing the players not just choose players because they are good but choose a player that can fit the team builds a team doesn’t build a group of player. This is the first step you want to do be patient up until they are good enough to qualify for bigger tournaments and if they win this is the time you get back all the money you spend and if you get lucky you can earn lots and lots more compared to the money you invest to the team.

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